Friday, May 20, 2016

Would you be mine? Could you be mine?

Won't you be my neighbor...a tasting

Enter the Dragon
2 oz green dragon gin*
3/4 oz green Chartreuse
1/2 oz Del Maguey Vida mezcal
2 dashes Dr. Adam Elmegirab Dandelion & Burdock bitters

Shake all ingredients with ice until very well chilled.  Strain into ice-filled old fashioned glass and garnish with lemon zest.

Aperitif 31
1 oz Plymouth gin
3/4 oz Dolin dry vermouth
3/4 oz rhubarb sherry shrub**
1/2 oz Combier grapefruit liqueur
1/4 oz maraschino liqueur
2 dashes Dr. Elmegirab Spanish bitters

Combine all ingredients with ice, stir until very well chilled.  Strain into ice sphere or over large ice and garnish with grapefruit zest.

East Indies Breeze
2 oz fresh carrot juice
1 oz cardamom syrup
1 oz lime juice
3 dashes Angostura bitters
Bundaberg ginger beer

Shake all ingredients (except ginger beer) with ice and strain into an ice-filled collins glass. Top with ginger beer and garnish with lemongrass and thyme.

Sixty Fifteen
1 oz Beefeater gin
1 oz Dolin dry vermouth
1 oz lemon juice
1 oz grenadine
2 dashes house orange bitters

Shake all ingredients (except champagne) with ice and strain into an ice-filled collins glass. Top with champagne.

Hills of Oaxaca
1 1/2 oz Del Maguey Vida mezcal
3/4 oz Cynar
3/4 oz Ancho Reyes chile liqueur
1/4 oz creme de cacao
1 dash Bittermens Xocolatl mole bitters

Stir all ingredients with ice until very well chilled.  Strain into an old fashioned glass with large ice.  Garnish with flamed orange zest.

Black Barrel Flip
1 1/2 oz Jameson Black Barrel
3/4 oz Lusteau amontillado sherry
1/2 oz Benedictine
1/2 oz simple syrup
1/4 oz Nux Alpina walnut liqueur
1 whole egg
2 dashes Angostura bitters
coffee bean

Combine all ingredients, except coffee bean, and dry shake to emulsify egg. Add ice, shake until very well chilled, and strain into chilled single Old Fashioned glass. Garish with Angostura bitters and grated coffee bean.

Sainte Marie Mule
2 oz Duquesne rhum agricole
1 1/2 oz lime juice
1 1/2 oz ginger syrup
1 oz Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur
3 dashes Bittercube Jamaican #1 bitters
sparkling water

Combine all ingredients and shake with ice until well chilled.  Strain into rocks filled copper mug and top with sparkling water.

Atwood collins
2 oz grapefruit juice
1 oz cranberry-orange shrub***
1 oz rosemary syrup
sparkling water

Muddle thyme with shrub, add juice and syrup, shake with ice until well chilled.  Strain into an ice filled collins glass, top with sparkling water, and garnish with sprig of thyme.

South of the Tracks
1 oz Campari
1 oz Beefeater 24 gin
1 oz yellow Chartreuse
3/4 oz lemon juice
BuckleDown Clencher double IPA

Shake all ingredients but IPA with ice until well chilled.  Strain into an ice filled pilsner glass, and top with the IPA. Garnish with orange zest.

3 oz unsweetened pineapple juice
1 oz lime juice
1/2 oz smoked black tea syrup
1/2 oz coconut milk
2-3 raspberries
2 dashes Dr. Elmegirab Boker's bitters

Muddle raspberries along with tea syrup, add remaining ingredients and shake with ice until chilled and frothy. Strain into a rocks-filled old fashioned glass.  

The Dude Abides
2 oz Cruzan extra aged rum
1 oz Art in the Age root liqueur
1/4 oz simple syrup
2 dashes Z bar coffee bitters
vanilla foam****

Combine ingredients with ice and stir until well chilled.  Strain into rocks filled old fashioned glass.  Top with vanilla foam.

Green Dragon gin*

750 ml Beefeater gin
3.5 g dried herb of your choice
iSi gourmet whip plus
2 N2O cartridges

Break up herb into uniform small pieces and add to iSi along with 500 ml of the gin.  Seal and charge with one N2O cartridge. Vent off gas, shake, and re-charge with second N2O cartridge.  Shake and let sit 10-15 minutes. Vent off gas and plce iSi into simmering pot of water up to halfway mark for 90 minutes.  Remove iSi and let cool to room temperature. Fine strain mixture into a fresh bottle and add remaining 250 ml of the gin. 

Rhubarb sherry shrub**

5-6 stalks fresh rhubarb
sherry vinegar

Juice the rhubarb.  Add 2 parts sugar to 1 part rhubarb juice.  Add 2 parts sherry vinegar for every 3 parts rhubarb syrup.  Shake mixture and place in fridge for 3-4 days.  Strain and store in fresh bottle in the fridge.  

Cranberry orage shrub***

250 g frozen cranberries (defrosted)
250 g sugar
250 g apple cider vinegar
zest from 2 oranges

Mash cranberries together with sugar and orange zest in large bowl.  Cover and store in fridge 2-3 days, stirring/mashing mixture once daily.  Remove and allow to warm to room temperature.  Add vinegar, stir well to combine and fine strain into fresh bottle.  Store in fridge.  

Vanilla foam****

2 oz half and half
1/4 oz simple syrup
3 dashes Z bar vanilla bitters

Combine all ingredients in mixing tin and froth up until doubled in volume.

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