Monday, April 22, 2013

Beet It

For this month's Mixology Monday, host Rowen of Fogged In Lounge tapped into the health conscious minds of cocktail enthusiasts when he put forth the following descriptor for his theme, Drink Your Vegetables...

Want to get more vegetables but you’re always eating on the run?… Well then, how about a vegetable cocktail? No, not that nice little glass of red stuff Grandma put at each place setting—we’re talking something with a kick in it. You can definitely start with the little glass of red stuff and expand it to a Red Snapper-style drink like a Bloody Mary. Or how about a cucumber-scented cooler like a Pimm’s Cup, or maybe a cocktail featuring a vegetable-based ingredient like Cardamaro or celery bitters? Maybe you’ve been wondering if you can get more mileage out of that juice extractor before consigning it to the garage sale. However you get them in that glass, be prepared for the most fun with vegetables ever.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Bacon...Take Two

Around rolls April and once again, I welcome the challenge to create another bacon-inspired cocktail worthy of submission to the Baconfest Chicago 2013 Best Bacon Cocktail Challenge.  At the helm, of course, is long time Baconfest contributor and head mixologist Mike Ryan of Sable Kitchen & Bar...the rules, as follows: