Monday, February 20, 2012

No time like 'Island Time'

Under the gun after having just arrived back from a two week hiatus in no other than Maui and Lana'i, I've managed to conjure up something for this month's very fitting MxMo Tiki theme hosted by Doug over at The Pegu Tiki Blog.  As described by Doug:

The Tiki scene, like classic cocktails in general, is reviving nicely these days. The lush, decadent marriage of tropical flavors and exotic kitsch carries us away to a better, less dreary place. Please join in and add your words, images, and offerings to the Tiki Gods on the 20th. Since Tiki is more than just the drinks, feel free to post on whatever Tiki subject floats your outrigger canoe. I suspect most of you will want to offer up delectable drinks, but feel free to wax eloquent on aloha shirts, exotica music, decor, garnishes, food or whatever else moves you to enter the Tiki spirit.

With a desire to create something a bit different, while in Maui I was able to get my hands on a couple bottles of Okolehao liqueur, produced by Haleakala DistillersDerived from the roots of ti plants grown in East Maui and combined with unrefined evaporated cane juice, Okolehao is a sweet 80 proof liqueur unique to the island of Maui.  While various accounts have suggested a flavor profile similar to a combination of rum and tequila, my impressions have landed more on the rum side.

From the onset, Okolehao seemed fit as a perfect companion to rum, with it's inherent sweetness likely to pair well with a bit of lime and/or other juices.  The rum that came to mind was one I've been on a recent kick with...5 Bank's...besides, as a blend of rums from the islands of Trinidad, Guyana, Barbados, Jamaica, and Java what better representation for a Tiki cocktail when paired with a unique Hawaiian liqueur.  I tied it all together with a bit of my homemade orgeat stash, and this was the result.

2 oz Bank's 5 Island rum
3/4 oz Okolehao liqueur
3/4 oz lime juice
1/2 oz passion fruit juice
1/2 oz orgeat

Combine all ingredients with ice and shake until well chilled.  Double strain into an ice filled old fashioned glass.  Okole maluna!


Thanks once again to Doug for filling the void that was two months of no MxMo, great theme and as usual, looking forward to seeing all the creations from other contributors.  Check back soon for the MxMo roundup!  

What a great turnout, with a ton of cocktails to's the MxMo roundup from Doug. 

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  1. Thanks for the comments, Zach. This drink sounds really good and looks fantastic. I love the light yellow/cream hue to the drink. I heard about Okolehao in Jeff Barry's Beachbum Remixed and it sounds very interesting. I think I'm going to order a bottle of it, but how's the flavor profile? I see that Mr. Barry suggests substituting bourbon for recipes that call for it, but after reading your post I'm not sure what to expect, but I'm a sucker for quality and hard to find liqueurs. That Hum you seem to be fond of sounds great too. Keep up the great work.